FXBitLab is a unique IT company, which conducts business worldwide. Our success is driven by our team and their unrelenting focus on delivering results in the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved virtually in every facet of the IT industry. We explore, offer and develop the latest technologies to provide our clients with the most efficient IT solutions. Technology related to the financial market is our growth. We focus on technologies that improve your chances of establishing, developing and fully operating your FX Company by providing all the most needed IT solutions in the market web development (online presence ) , hosting( dedicated servers ). Since we recognise that the world needs all the IT solutions we can develop in every potential form, our employees work daily to cater to these needs.




Our Fertile Imagination Working For You


FXBitLab products built on the awesome GUI with high-quality graphic design and web development services. We design effective, easy to use, and sophisticated websites for our clients.
International Web Design Standards.
Affordable, Quality, Integrity, Transparency.
Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
Free Guide and Consultation.
Long-term Support and Relationship.


FXBitLab is built on powerful Web2.0 technologies and with our experienced teams, we can help to create any project from scratch. By combining our teams high training and experience,we guarantee the efficiency and quality of our web development services.


The best ecommerce software to build your online store is a daunting and confusing task – especially if you are new to the world of creating an e-commerce business.
Hosted shopping carts (more user-friendly)
Self-hosted open source shopping carts


Increase your competitive advantages using unique and customized extensions
Usefulness and high-quality of software
Usability and attractiveness of interfaces (frontend)
High-speed implementation
Taking into account individual customer’s requirements


Our expertise allows us to idenfity the best possible Blockchain technology for your business. We also give Bitcoin and Blockchain training for employees and directors.



Built On Teamwork & a passion for quality


Blockchains.My is a decentralized mobile wallet developed using Blockchain technology, mobile devices and advanced security of biometric identification systems. It is a platform that simplifies the process of making payments, as well as trading and exchanging digital currencies and gold among users with real-time price monitoring facility. The wallet is integrated with Visa Debit Card & NFC Card to create association between the conventional financial service and cryptocurrency market.
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Dinar Coin
Unique digital currency created by DinarDirham on the Ethereum blockchain. The value of each DNC is based on the worldwide gold spot price. DNC can be used for trading, investment and also to make payments.
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Dinar Dirham
DinarDirham has established close relationships with technology companies, prime brokers, digital currencies as well as gold and precious metals investors around the world to ensure that DinarCoins, issued smart contracts and transactions between users using blockchain are transparent. DinarDirham users’ security is of primary importance. All assets issued in DinarDirham are bridged completely transparently to the liquidity provider using the blockchain infrastructure to insure decentralization. DinarDirham Wallet also uses the latest technology in web security to keep your assets safe and secure.
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