Boost your business with blockchain technology.

Implementation of blockchain applications


Ethereum smart contracts

Do you have a great business idea that would be perfectly suited for implementation on Ethereum smart contracts? We are glad to offer our experience with Ethereum and assist you with the implementation.



Blockchain consulting

Not sure which blockchain technology could propel your business? Our expertise allows us to idenfity the best possible Blockchain technology for your business. We also give Bitcoin and Blockchain training for employees and directors.


Smart contract implementation

We put your smart contract on the blockchain.

With us your smart contract is correctly designed, quickly implemented and competitively priced.

Smart contract design is crucial for correct functionality. Our experienced technicians have the ability to translate your smart contract concept into a working software design.

We will not only implement your smart contract, but also publish it on the blockchain and test it’s functionality.

Blockchain connected UI

We implement a blockchain connected UI for your business case.

Access to the functions of your smart contract is made easy for your customers with a blockchain connected UI.

Token wallets, signatures, voting, forge proof functions, whatever your business case requires will be easy to use with a specific blockchain connected UI.

A beautifully designed UI will strongly increase customer acceptance of your project.

Ethereum based altcoins

We set up alternative blockchain based on ethereum code.
Some businesses require the setup of a new blockchain to enable special functionality or to exclude public mining access.

With our experience alternative blockchains – whether private or public – are set up quickly and reliably.

New blockchains can be based on Ethereum or on other crypto coins, depending on your requirements.